With over 20 years in the trades, this one man operation "Proud Work Ethics llc."  is fully licensed, insured, accredeted, and has the experience as well as equipment to handle almost any task at hand.

I provide the greenest methods of painting as I am very much an environmentally and animal friendly cotractor.

If you've ever hired a larger painting company or a contractor for another trade, theres a good chance that if there was a sales person or a booking agent involved, you paid for it in one way or another. I have worked for a lot of these companies in the past and was able to see what happens (behind the scenes) if you will.

This is the reason for me making the decision to stick to my one man operation.

The same guy that comes to meet with you to discuss the particulars of your project is the same one who will be putting together your quote, and is also the one who will be there performing 100% of the work and collecting payment at time of completion.

It doesnt get any simpler than that in my opinion.

I am a reliable, punctual, professional, non - smoking, reputation focused entrepeneur, who takes a tremendous amount of pride in my efficiency and... (you guessed it!) my work ethics.

Less strangers in your house, more flexibilty in scheduling, and if something crazy happens like someone changes their mind about something, we dont have to go through the whole... ummm lemme call the office nonsense.

Feel free to give me a call even if you just have a few questions!